Anti Static Power Socket
Anti Static Power Socket
Anti Static Power Socket
Anti Static Power Socket
Anti Static Power Socket
Anti Static Power Socket
Anti Static Power Socket
Anti Static Power Socket
Anti Static Power Socket
Anti Static Power Socket
Anti Static Power Socket
Anti Static Power Socket
Anti Static Power Socket
Anti Static Power Socket
Anti Static Power Socket
Anti Static Power Socket

Anti Static Power Socket

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Upgrade your power supply with our Anti-Static Power Socket, meticulously crafted to protect your valuable electronics. This innovative socket serves as a shield against electrostatic discharge, minimizing the risk of static electricity buildup that could potentially harm sensitive devices.

Designed with advanced technology, it ensures a stable and secure power flow, safeguarding your equipment from electrical surges and damage.

Ideal for use with computers, audiovisual systems, or any electronics requiring a protected power source, our anti-static socket provides reliability and peace of mind for your devices' uninterrupted performance.


  1. Electrostatic Discharge Protection: Designed to minimize static electricity buildup and prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) from damaging connected electronic devices.

  2. Voltage Rating: Supports standard voltage ratings compatible with the region or country's electrical standards (e.g., 110-120V or 220-240V).

  3. Current Rating: Provides specific current ratings suitable for various devices and appliances, typically ranging from 10A to 15A or higher.

  4. Socket Type: Available in different socket types and configurations, such as Type A (US), Type C (European), Type G (UK), etc., catering to various plug designs.

  5. Material and Build: Constructed from durable materials that meet safety standards for electrical components, ensuring reliability and longevity.

  6. Mounting Style: Designed for wall mounting or installation in electrical panels, depending on the intended use and application.

  7. Grounding: Equipped with grounding features to ensure proper safety and functionality, especially important in preventing static discharge.

  8. Certifications and Compliance: Adherence to safety standards and certifications (such as UL, CE, or RoHS compliance) to ensure quality and safety standards are met.

  9. Additional Features: Some models may include surge protection, noise filtering, or indicator lights to signal proper grounding or protection status.

  10. Compatibility: Suitable for use with a variety of electronic devices, including computers, audiovisual equipment, sensitive instruments, and other appliances prone to damage from static electricity.

Why should you buy this:

  1. Device Protection: Shields sensitive electronic devices from potential damage caused by electrostatic discharge, ensuring their longevity and proper functionality.

  2. Reliable Power Supply: Provides a stable and secure power flow, minimizing the risk of electrical surges that could harm valuable equipment.

  3. Enhanced Safety: Reduces the potential for static electricity buildup, creating a safer environment, especially in settings where sensitive electronics are used, like labs, data centers, or audiovisual setups.

  4. Peace of Mind: Ensures uninterrupted performance for critical electronic devices by offering a protected power source, minimizing the risk of sudden power disruptions.

  5. Long-Term Cost Savings: Protecting devices from damage due to static discharge can save on repair or replacement costs, making it a cost-effective preventive measure.

  6. Compliance with Standards: In some industries or environments, using anti-static measures is necessary to comply with safety regulations and prevent potential hazards.

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